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As a payments industry service provider and customer advocate, Payrific offers payment processing solutions for merchants who transact in card-present and card-not-present environments. Whether your customers pay for goods or services in face-to-face, remote, or virtual settings, Payrific tailors payment solutions to your unique needs.

Face-to-Face Payments at the Point of Sale

For customers who are physically present at your merchant locations, we provide secure, cost-effective credit card, debit card, and electronic check payment acceptance and processing solutions.

Our team of POS experts are available to help you select the right terminal for your business. Based on your unique needs and specifications, we provide:

Virtual, Ecommerce & Mobile Transactions

With the transition of businesses away from brick-and-mortar shops to virtual (ecommerce), remote (mail order/telephone order), and mobile environments, payment processing solutions are transitioning away from standard point-of-sale systems.

To help you accept and process these card-not-present transactions, we offer powerful, secure, and cost-effective advanced payment gateways that provide:

Security & Fraud Prevention - Gaining Peace of Mind

Fraud prevention is one of the cornerstones of card-not-present payment processing. In addition to our powerful, necessary, and somewhat complicated technical features, our solutions also provide you with peace of mind in knowing your customers’ payment data is protected.

Make sure that you are taking necessary measures to ensure that your losses are minimized. We provide:

Payment Gateway

Extensive Connectivity
to All Major Processors

Merchant Accounts

Acquiring Bank Options
to Support Your Business

CNP Fraud Prevention

Risk Management Tools
to Protect Your Profits

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