Payment Processing

Every merchant knows that commerce revolves around payments, but few merchants actually know the intricacies associated with processing non-cash payments. Whether your business needs to accept payments face-to-face or virtually, and whether transactions occur in brick-and-mortar, ecommerce, mobile, mail order, or telephone order environments, you must somehow navigate through the tangled web of merchant services and payment processing.

Rather than spending valuable time researching merchant accounts, credit card processing technology, and PCI compliance, devote your time to growing your business and instead allow the experts at Payrific to handle your payment processing needs.

Procuring Rock-Solid Merchant Accounts

The ability to accept payments of all types is critical in any business today. To accept payments, however, merchants must enter into contractual relationships (i.e. procure merchant accounts) with payment services providers and the corresponding financial institutions that underwrite the accounts.

Payrific professionals have more than 50 years of combined experience in the payments industry. We analyze each client’s business model and requirements and match their individualized needs with our trusted financial institution partners.


Processing 21st-Century Payment Types

Visions of a cashless society are still somewhat blurry, but electronic payments have quickly become the new norm. If your business wants to compete in today’s economy, you must accept modern payment types.

Using Payrific services, your business can meet customer demands by accepting:

  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • electronic checks (ACH)
  • mobile payments

Our customized payment acceptance solutions enable businesses of all types to quickly and easily accept multiple forms of payment. Whether accepting payments for physical goods at a point-of-sale terminal, payments for virtual services via a web site, or payments for on-the-go items via a mobile device, Payrific is your one-stop shop for accepting 21st-century payment types.

Leveraging the Best Payment Gateways and Point-of-Sale Technology

Connections to ecommerce shopping carts and web stores can be tricky. Payrific makes online payment acceptance easy by interfacing with industry-leading payment gateways. Don’t try to build or implement these intricate systems alone. Trust us to find and connect to the right gateway for your ecommerce needs.

Take in-person payments? No problem. We also sift through the mountains of point-of-sale technology (terminals, cash registers, card readers, mobile devices, etc.) to ease your payment processing transition. We evaluate your unique processing needs and recommend secure, easy-to-use systems.


Focusing on Security

Securing electronic payments should be on every merchant’s mind, and it’s most certainly on ours. To put your mind at ease, Payrific leverages secure gateways and point-of-sale systems that feature industry-recommended protocols like encryption and tokenization.

Gaining Valuable Transaction Data Visibility and Chargeback Assistance

While we all focus on ensuring funds from electronic transactions make their way into our deposit accounts in a timely fashion, it’s also important to have the ability to view transaction details and statements and respond to chargeback requests.

Payrific merchant solutions provide online access to comprehensive statement, reporting, and chargeback processing tools, and our friendly customer service team members are always available to help you work through any issues.

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